Thermography Training

Become certified in Infrared Thermography with the SkyeTec Training Center.

Thermography Level 1

The SkyeTec Training Center Thermography Level 1 course is designed for the current user and beginning user alike. This course involves a combination of in-class and hands-on experience which enables trainees to fully grasp the concept and use of an Infrared camera from a qualitative and quantitative perspective. Building science, condition monitoring, and preventative maintenance are the focus of this training program.

Trainees that attend this course and complete the required field assignment will receive a Level 1 Thermography Certification.

The Thermography Level 1 Course Includes:

Thermography Level 1 in-class training
Thermography Level 1 hands-on training
Thermography Level 1 textbook
Thermography Level 1 flash drive filled with notes, standards, technical information and much more!
Four day class with continental breakfast and lunch included
All Inclusive Price: $1,995.00

Course Requirements:

Must have Infrared Camera and accessories for class
  • Cables, cords, charger
  • Latest updated software (if applicable)
  • Report writing software (if applicable)
Must have hard hat, safety vest, and eye protection (PPE)
  • OSHA approved hard hat
  • Traditional safety vest
  • Clear vision eye protection
Proper attire for construction related tasks
  • Casual khaki style pants or slacks
  • Polo or traditional style shirt
  • Slip resistant, sturdy shoes or boots
Must have measuring device
  • 25’ measuring tape
Must have clipboard and writing utensils

Upcoming Infrared Thermography Courses

Course dates coming soon!

SkyeTec Training Center Cancellation Policy

All course registration payments are fully refundable if notice to cancel is received at least 1 week (7 days) prior to the class start date. SkyeTec Training Center reserves the right to cancel any course in the event of insufficient pre-registration. In that event, the course registration cost will be refunded in full.

SkyeTec Training Center does not reimburse for travel related expenses under any circumstances.
Notice to cancel must be sent in writing to