Learn from the best in the business with the SkyeTec Training Center.

SkyeTec Training Center

SkyeTec Training Center (STC) is the premier source for home energy rating and building science education in the U.S. Plans for STC began in 2016 when SkyeTec president, Frank Ferrentino, recognized the need for a truly comprehensive professional training organization. As a leading home energy rater, Ferrentino is very familiar with the training options available for the energy and building science industry, and noticed where others were lacking and where improvements could be made. With Ferrentino’s insight, the STC was developed to provide trainees with both in-depth classroom training and actual job-site training for a hands-on, “real-world” learning experience.

This two-tiered approach makes it easier for STC trainees to pass the certification testing without multiple attempts and gives them the confidence to handle the various situations that may arise on the job.

For those individuals that prefer the convenience of online training, STC also offers thorough, self-paced e-training courses.

Whichever route trainees choose to take, STC programs ensure that they are ready to perform their job and can offer customers service and solutions that exceed expectations. As a subsidiary of the award-winning energy rating and inspection company, SkyeTec, we have over 16 years of experience working with builders, contractors, and developers throughout the country. This valuable experience is imparted upon STC trainees and attributes to our high rate of success.

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